• Raptor™ loses no traction when it is wet, and the traction dry is legendary
  • Can be installed with regular roofing nails, coil or hand driven
  • No roof pitch restrictions, except under a 4/12 where code dictates a double staggered layer, please refer to our install instructions for further details
  • Available in 4’, 5’, and 10’ widths
  • Extremely aggressive non-slip coating on the backside, providing unbelievable back traction
  • Woven backing and a 6 month exposure time at an asphalt felt replacement cost

For distribution, Raptor™ allows you to fix your synthetic underlayment offering, by eliminating underlayment’s that cost more and perform less than Raptor™, and offer an affordable underlayment with high price point benefits. Raptor™ is a product that contractors will try once, and buy for life. In today’s market, finding an underlayment that does what we do, is a hard task. Please contact us if you have a further interest in speaking about adding Raptor™ to your lineup, and a sales representative will contact you to set up a meeting.

  • 4’ Underlayment = 56 rolls
  • 5’ Underlayment = 56 rolls
  • 10’ Underlayment = 60 rolls
  • 18” Utility Roll = 60 rolls
  • 4’ Underlayment = 29 – 30 pallets
  • 5’ Underlayment = 29 – 30 pallets
  • 10’ Underlayment = 18 pallets plus 5-6 pallets of 4’, 5’, or 18” to fill out the container
  • 2 pallets of 10’ take the place of 3 pallets of 4’ or 5’ as part of a full container

Yes you can. Please refer to the question above for quantities when mixing a truckload, but any size mix of Raptor™ is acceptable based on the pallet sizes above.

Yes, each size of Raptor™ has different fastener quantities and coverages. Refer to the following chart for your particular size. The wider the roll, the faster the install, and your fasteners become more economical as well.

  • 4’ Raptor – 750 Nails per roll – 95 squares of coverage
  • 5’ Raptor – 600 Nails per roll – 120 squares of coverage
  • 10’ Raptor – 350 Nails per roll – 200 squares of coverage

All coverages based on one box of 7200 ct. coil nails

Yes, please refer to our chart below on lap waste percentages for each size of Raptor™ as well as traditional 42” synthetic underlayment. The wider the roll, the faster the install, and you waste a considerable amount less as you go up in width.

Installation Instructions