Codes and Tests Raptor™ Has Passed

Raptor™ has passed all relevant tests and has been approved by the ICC for code approval and certification. This means it meets the requirements of the IBC (International Building Code), the IRC (International Residential Code) and all roofing manufacturer underlayment specifications.

ASTM E 96 – Water-Vapor Transmission Test

Click Here To Learn More about the ASTM E 96 Water-Vapor transmission test and see all of Raptor’s test results.

All Passed Codes

  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM D226, D4869, D1970, D146
  • Class A Fire Rated with Asphalt Shingles ASTM E108-11
  • Passed Requirements for ICC ESR-3624
  • Perm rating .061 ASTM E 96
  • Passed Requirements for ICC – ES AC188(2012)