Water-vapor Transmission PER ASTM E 96

Test Procedure:  Testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM E 96/E96M-12, Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials”, Procedure B, Water Method. Four specimens were prepared from the submitted material and sealed to Thwing Albert test cups with a diameter of 61.9 mm (2.44”) diameter opening, containing water. Two samples were sealed in cups with the printed face up, and two with the printed face down (towards the water). Weight measurements were recorded periodically after the test material had reached a steady state condition with relationship to change in weight vs. time. The water vapor permeance was then calculated as outlined in ASTM E 96.  The saturated Vapor Pressure at 73 degrees F was calculated to be 2771.8 Pa.

Test Results: 

Specimen Specimen Orientation Water Vapor Transmission        (g/m²/hr) Water Vapor Transmission  (g/m²/24hr)
1 Face-Up 0.071 1.7
2 Face-Up 0.074 1.78
3 Face-Down 0.051 1.22
4 Face-Down 0.048 1.14
Average   0.061 1.46


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